The Hope Of Our Dreams

Always Alive Recordings is delighted to present the debut artist album from Dreamy - this is 'The Hope Of Our Dreams'! Jack Høye, aka Dreamy, has been one of Always Alive's most consistent acts over the past few years and we're delighted to bring you the first album from one of trance music's most exciting artists. The Danish producer brings together an exquisite fourteen tracks on an album that shines bright thanks to top-notch production, a delectable variety in sounds and textures, and some first class contributions from a host of dazzling collaborators. 'The Hope Of Our Dreams' was preceded by three singles including classic trance bangers 'Forever Free' with Freigeist and 'When You Saved My Life' with Daniel Kandi and Temple One, as well as 'Now Is The Time' with Claire Willis which saw the pairing branch out into a sharp progressive trance sound. Dreamy's effortless ability to explore a variety of sonics across the album is one of the projects highlights; on 'Crossdive' he explores gnarly drum n bass to great effect, 'Never Forgotten' is a tight prog house affair, and tracks like 'Thought Of You', 'That Morning' and 'Sane Again' are expansive takes on ambient and electronica. Dreamy's signature classic trance sound with a modern polish is also heard throughout the album, on tracks like the anthemic 'Show You The World' with Jake and Snowman, and the slick 'Codependency' with Lasse Macbeth. A few words here from Dreamy about 'The Hope Of Our Dreams': 'I wanted this album to capture what it felt like growing up with music and to take people on a journey through how I've experienced it. It has always been a huge deal for me, helping me get through tough times. With this album I was also reflecting on being in a state where things feel out of control, learning to deal with this feeling and bouncing back. Living with a disability has always taught me to do my best, even in moments where it didn't feel worth it. I've always strived for my goals and aimed to be positive, taking in everything that life has to offer, and I'm very grateful for the support I've received, especially from my wonderful caretaker family! I never really thought about making an album, especially at the start of my music career, but as time has gone on and I've gained some experience, along with the encouragement from my fans and my friends, I figured now was 100% the time to put one together. It's been a bumpy ride and four years in the making, but with approval from label boss Daniel Kandi 'The Hope Of Our Dreams' has come together, one of the biggest milestones in my career! I've been a fan of his music for years so it's awesome to make the dream of releasing on Always Alive a reality, and the hospitality has always been top notch. There are some people I would like to thank: my fans for always supporting what I do; my amazing caretaker parents Lis and Peter and their relatives for always standing up for me and helping me through my tough times and with any problems I encountered; my awesome caretaker big sister and her husband for believing in me and my music; my beloved brothers from another family, Andreas, George, Nicklas and their relatives, who I rarely see but do keep in touch with and who have always been there for me when my biological mother couldn't afford to; the place I'm at daily called Empata and the people who are in charge there for making it such an absolutely lovely place for people with problems and obstacles, where you feel like your are always worth it; my closest friends for accepting who I am and always giving their best; and finally my closest producer friends for believing in my music and sharing their knowledge and guidance which has helped me get to where I am today.'

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